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Specialty Lighting Design

Specialty Lighting Design: Projects
Filament Bulb

Bildworx Design considers lighting an integral part of the human experience. As Lighting Certified (LC) engineers, we combine expertise and creativity into our clients’ spaces. Whether you wish to improve your workspace productivity and safety, or produce dramatic effects for a showroom, we can design a custom solution for your needs.


  • Advanced Lighting Design

  • Evaluation of Light Levels, Uniformity, Color Temperatures

  • Modeling and Rendering of Lighting Calculations

  • Advanced Lighting Controls and Integration, including DMX and DALI controls

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design Based on Energy Code Requirements

  • Integrated Daylighting Solutions

  • Lighting Evaluation Reports (Horizontal/Vertical Photometrics, False Color Renderings/Heat Maps, Glare Measurements)

  • Light Trespass Calculations

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